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E-commerce Marketing Tips – 10 Actionable Techniques

23-Apr-2019 Kajal Rajput

E-Commerce can be defined as the sale and purchase of products or goods over an electronic chain mainly on the internet.

According to the general marketing concepts, sale and purchase of goods or services is associated with the marketing terms. E-commerce business deals in the promotion of goods and services on the internet. Hence, using e-commerce marketing can result into an essential ingredient for your e-commerce success.

E-commerce marketing comprises of two essential constituents including increased website traffic and optimizing your website for improved user experience. So, before landing in this super competitive market you need to have proper e-commerce marketing layout. Here are some of the marketing tips for widening your brand’s exposure. 

1. Polished Site Architecture: E-commerce is more about providing benefit to the user instead of just selling your products. It’s really been important to have a neat site layout for the user. Well sketched navigation bar provides the better user experience.

2. Mobile Responsive Website: With the steady increase in the number of mobile visitors. Having a mobile friendly website can really add to your revenue. Ignoring mobile-friendly feature may leave you with missed opportunity of some handful of customers.

3. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the real key that can help the websites to get more organic traffic and higher rankings. So, it’s always suggested to put some extra effort in SEO. Building some expert roundups can help your brand get some better reputation, better brand credibility and loads of organic traffic.

4. Paid Advertising: Paid advertising can help you get started with some initial leads for your business. So you have to be intelligent enough to decide the type of paid campaigns you are getting started with. It may be search network campaigns, display advertising campaigns or Facebook campaigns.

5. Building an Email List: Email marketing is a great way of conversion. So grab the emails from your customers and execute a drip email marketing campaign. Keep them updated with regular updates about your newly launched products or recently published blog. 

6. Getting Reviews and Testimonials: Online reviews or testimonials can provide your brand a better brand reliability and can build an eminent trust factor in your products or services.

7. Referral Strategy: You might have heard about mighty eCommerce giants introducing referral policy or affiliate programs. Referrals are somewhat similar to the intermediate sales agents that introduce your products to the customers.

8. Influence Outreach: Influence marketing introduced to marketing concepts has the really huge role to play in brand’s upliftment. Influences are the ones having a strong database of followers in a particular industry.

9. Social Media Engagement: Social platforms can be a handy tool for creating buzz about your products. So make it mandatory to have a business page for your e-commerce store. Create an online store on Facebook. Keep your audience engaged by publishing creative posts. 

10. Don’t Forget Re-marketing: Re-marketing comes with many benefits for the marketers. It provides better brand exposure, higher conversion rates, and better ROI. So, adding re-marketing to the bucket list of your e-commerce marketing tactics can be a great success for your store.


There’s a lot of work and research that goes to the e-commerce marketing strategy. E-Commerce is an ocean of mysteries and puzzles, and takes some time to flourish. However, a perfect and well-planned e-commerce marketing strategy can help you to meet your desired goals and sales targets.