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Voice Search: A Game Changing Feature

23-Apr-2019 Mehak Chhabra

STOP! The ongoing process of optimizing your website not for desktop or mobile phones but to realize you need to make some changes to your SEO strategy now.

Meanwhile you were on peace with your SEO strategy you need to take into consideration the VOICE SEARCH OPTIMIZATION now.

Yes, it is pretty painful. But everything seems to be difficult before it’s simple!

Before optimizing for voice search that requires slightly different strategies from that old school SEO, first you need to understand voice search in a brief.

In the past 5 years, voice queries were not given the importance. The feature was just a puzzled feature on your phone. But, now that puzzled feature of the phone has become an important aspect to be taken into consideration while redesigning your SEO strategy.

Now, the words like “who”, “what”, “when”,”how”, and “why” are the most common voice queries. There is an increase of 60% in the growth of question phrases. Many people search the net to learn around them about the restaurants near them, to buy tickets, and many more.

 Changes to Fill in your SEO Strategy:

 1. Embrace Voice Queries: Start including the voice queries in your local SEO strategy as this will be helpful in targeting local searchers. Think about a searcher, using voice search to try some cool places near him, Google would provide him a map showing the attractions in the nearby areas.

 2. Consider Keyword Length: Length in SEO is the new aspect of voice search. It has been noticed that the queries with the maximum clicks & impressions were around 1-3 words, which is out of the ordinary since questions are usually longer. Seeing this, no requirement of evidence is there to say word or character length will rise in the future.

 3. More Importance to Local SEO: Whenever you perform a search on Google, it prefers the websites that offer localized results to visitors. The voice search is now simply indicating a huge importance should be given to Local SEO. If you want to increase the number of lead generation take a look back on blog of Local SEO factors to Master in 2018.

 4. Mobile-First Approach: Take hold of mobile-first approach while optimizing your website. Make sure your website should be responsive to all the devices and your visitors don’t face any problem while accessing it on their mobile. Otherwise go for a separate mobile version of your website.

 5. Use of Featured Snippet: Make use of micro-markup to increase the performance of your website. It plays a role of semantic markup of data on the network of Google and other search engines. It helps in streamlining the information present on the website. Also, allows search engines to showcase the relevant content in search results.

Final Words: Soon the voice search will rule the game of SEO. So, gear up for a new SEO strategy or ask us to design a SEO strategy for your business.