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Top Benefits of Facebook Page for a Business

23-Apr-2019 Kajal

Keeping the entire gripes aside we can’t deny the fact Facebook is still the best social network to camp on as a business as around 1.86 billion users log into Facebook on a daily basis.

With its launch in 2004, Facebook tried to give a way to people to connect with their fellow beings and managed to become a massive global online community. From the business perspective, Facebook gives businesses the unprecedented information about target markets.

Facebook is still leading the way and businesses ignoring Facebook need to come across the benefits of having Facebook Business Page.  

Potential Customers:  Facebook have the third largest population after China and India. It is the biggest social media community on internet. In fact, 93% of buying decision is based on social media only. So, ignoring Facebook can be detrimental to business and those who ignore Facebook will find it to be a costly mistake.

Low Marketing Expenses: To start marketing on Facebook you don’t need to pay a single penny until you want to advertise to get page likes, and to run sponsored Ads. Also Facebook Ads are comparatively inexpensive when compared to traditional marketing and are more targeted.

Target Audience: Directing your Ads to target customers might cost you less when compared to traditional marketing or Ads that run of TV or radios. With Facebook Ads one can be certain and target the accurate audience.

Brand Loyalty: Providing valuable and entertaining content your followers would be loyal even when something went wrong. Also, many followers these days will more likely to do business with a company that has Facebook presence.

Web Traffic: Using Facebook page to drive traffic to your website can be a smart choice. To see an increase in your website traffic use website link to drive traffic to your site instead of creating engagement.

Spy on Competitors: Facebook has many features on Facebook page that allow businesses to spy on their competitors. It is a great way to check out how your competitors are growing in your area and niche on Facebook.   

 Getting your business listed on Facebook is an absolute no barrier and there are companies that can’t imagine running a business and not having their Facebook page.

If you are having a Facebook page and want to improve your page or want better content for your page, get in touch with us.