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Search Engine Marketing – The Definitive Guide

23-Apr-2019 Rakesh Thakur

Search Engine Marketing is the general term given to the practice of gaining more traffic, visibility and thus more conversions through paid and unpaid efforts.

Search Engine Marketing is the exercise that unlatches the plethora of opportunities for the online businesses. More Specifically Search Engine Marketing includes acquiring that first position in the SERPs for a particular keyword or a phrase.

The Search Engine Marketing is broadly classified into two main categories.

1) Organic Traffic

2) Paid Advertising

Organic Traffic: In General SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the operation that is solely responsible for driving visitors to your website. SEO is a technical procedure and needs a professional and systematic approach to go ahead with.

Hiring a SEO Agency will be most recommended in the initial stages of promoting a website. SEO Strategy includes optimizing a webpage for a set of particular keywords or phrases that are searched by the user. SEO can be a lethal weapon in acquiring more leads and thus more conversions..

Paid Advertising : This form of advertising can be a major factor in success of your online business. The Paid Advertising Method includes running a paid ad campaigns on different search engine mainly on Google and Bing. Running Social Media Campaigns on different social media platforms but they comes under the category of Social Media Marketing instead of Search Engine Marketing. Paid Advertising can be useful in acquiring leads. But unlike SEO you can’t expect long term results from paid advertising.

How to Get More Organic Traffic?

More Organic Traffic can be achieved by creating an SEO Compatible website creating quality content and promoting the same on search engine. SEO is performed keeping in mind latest Google Algorithms and get higher rankings on search engine. However Content takes the Driver Seat when it comes to the success of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

Some of the Important Factors in SEO

1) Keyword Research

2) Elaborated Content

3) Content Optimization

4) Meta Tags Optimization

5) Website Loading Time

6) Mobile Optimization for Website

What to do to Get Higher Rankings and More Organic Traffic???

SEO is the premier Digital Marketing Strategy that can be implemented to better conversions from the Internet. Getting Started with SEO for a non –techie guy can be a pain in the neck.  So go on hiring Digital Marketing Agency.  Especially Delhi is the hub of all Marketing Facilities. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi can help your business giving a major thrust to your online business.