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5 Major Changing Trends in SEO this 2019

23-Apr-2019 Kajal Rajput

Search Engine Optimization might be the three letter word but over the past few years, it has proved that it is worth more than that. However, in the world of visibility and ranking, it is essential to change it to obtain a new scope. It is the process to improve for the advanced and quality leads. In addition to this, our SEO agency in Delhi works on the organic search and even the search engine to ensure stability.

So, without wasting any more time, here are the trends that we are going to experience in 2019 as per SEO agency in Delhi.

1. Voice Search

The voice search is the main criteria for search engine optimization. You will come across the advancement in terms of Blockchain, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. There will be a deeper impact on the searching method of the SEO. Even today, voice search plays a vital role, and in the future, it will be one of the major search techniques.

2. Mobile-first Index

In 2019 you will come across the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones. More than 70 percent of the search is done with smartphones from 95 percent of the total population. Hence, result optimization has become one of the major goals of Google. They are working to group up some of the results in the user-friendly manner that will affect the SEO.

3. Revolution of Artificial Intelligence

The tech giants are the biggest influences in the market in almost every field. Even the top SEO agency in Delhi is adopting the user-specific content and natural trends to be in line with AI. The users are focused on the automated generated message in terms of image and text. This is making SEO companies go for the same trend to ensure stability and reliability in the market.

4. Richness of Content

The content market is one of the main aspects of SEO. Hence, we as a SEO agency in Delhi are trying best to come up with some sophisticated and logical content. Content is going to be a huge influencer in 2019 in the world of SEO. In just a year, content will be the total industry of $300 billion which will only increase with time. Whether it is in the national or international market, content will become the backbone of the SEO industry.

5. Block chain and AR/VR

Another of the essential factor of the technology that is giving us a promising future is the Block chain industry. Even the big SEO agency in Delhi is following the path to ensure that the lead generation, user engagement, and even the link building can get a new level of growth. The AR and Block chain have its own way to grow in terms of organic search. Also, it is increasing with the technical SEO technique.

From past few years the journey of SEO started and in just a matter of 2 years, it has changed the market. And in 2019, we will witness the enhanced mode of SEO.