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How to find a balance between SEO and Web design


While developing a website, there are many things that click in our mind. Two of them are the search engines and users. Now, with the development, search engine optimisation has taken the front seat. Hence, it becomes essential to develop a website keeping in mind the SEO needs that can only be fulfilled by an experienced Search engine optimisation Service Company. This becomes a conflicting situation when you also know the importance of user-friendly, creative and most innovate website. Apart from this, your aim becomes to make it one of the sites that have all the major products covered. The top Website Designing Service Company understands this requirement perfectly. At India Creatives, we have an experienced team to ensure that you have a user aspect yet visual website ready at your disposal.

Hence, it is essential to find a balance between SEO friendly yet striking website designs. These two are extremely major things that make a successful website. It is essential to come up with ideas to make a user-friendly website as per the optimised work. This is covered up by Website Designing Agency in Delhi.

SO, to have that perfect balance and develop an innovative website that is also SEO friendly, you need to keep these points in mind.

1.  Visual Animations In the digital era, visualization is becoming one of the major game changer with many other elements. It helps in making a website eye-catchy that will increase the traffic to a website. If we take another side of the coin, it can end up making site heavy. It will, in turn, increase the load time directly influencing your user experience. Here are a few ways through which web development Services Company in India doesn’t compromise.

a.   Delayed Loading – The main reason behind loading time delay is that a user didn’t reach till the area where the animation is placed. Hence, JavaScript can be used in order to detect the scroll area easily so that time frame can be managed.

b. CSS animations – On the other hand, when you have an option like CSS then there is no need to use JavaScript. It is extremely light in nature and will help a customer in a lot more ways.

Well, if we are doing out your work then you don’t worry about it since know many other alternatives as well.

2.  Fonts: Many people don’t even give heeds to it but it is one of the major game changers. It allows us to enhance the appearance with the help of simple tricks. The main factor behind it is readability since a visitor is not going to read the letter of 8 sizes and strain their eyes, no matter how good the content is. Apart from it, the font can also make the site slow down due to heaviness. We, SEO agency in Delhi, have many alternatives to eliminate this type of problem.

Google CDN Fonts – These types of fonts are extremely light in weight that will work fine with loading.

Number of Fonts – Try to follow up the similar font to keep a website symmetric in nature. It is extremely convenient for a visitor to read when things are similarly placed.

c. HTTP Calls reduction – This type of task is one of the essential ones when it comes to reducing loading time. Hence, merging up the bundle of fonts can be an intelligent task to follow.

 3. Minifications- The web development agency in Delhi knows that enter, tab, annotations, spaces are used to make a website more readable. This ends up increasing the load time while increasing the SEO probability. Hence, it is essential to use task runner so that codes can be minified. It will remove digital elements without affecting the SEO. Hence, you can have a perfectly optimised yet creative website.

  4. JS and CSS- As mentioned above, JS and CSS are two essential bundles. However, we can place these bundle into a single file so that we can achieve HTTP calls reduction.

This will make developers with codes in JS and CSS to save up in different files. Then we can group them up together so that we obtain a single file. The web developments Services Company in India do this magnificently with no loading delay.

 5. Images When it comes to SEO then, Search Engine Optimization Service Company understands the worth of visuals. It adds up an appealing look to a website that will result in increasing its effect. Also, it will help in combining the images and text to make it more attractive. Let us tell you one thing, we will forger the text in a matter of few minutes or days but an image will stay in our mind for a longer period of time. We, Website Designing Service Company, know it and understand that our mind operates like that. So, we follow a few tricks and tips to ensure that our customers and clients have every point covered.

 a. Lazy Loading – The image that is at the fold area will undergo the loading process initially. Then the palette of the image is loaded entirely. This will start the slow or lazy loading process which will help in keeping scrolling pattern up to mark.

 b. Image optimization – Other factors are the tools of JS that can be used to optimize an image. These task runners will help in easy optimization and reduce the image size without affecting its resolution and quality so that the pixels are intact.

c. Merging image – This is the process we use to reduce HTTP call. It helps in making a single image of multiple images that will be called up as Sprite.

d. Scalable Vector Graphics – SVG – This type of image is a font that is used making it more effective in the image form.

Yes, a website can be SEO friendly and have striking features to it at the same time. All you need to do is to find a balance that we provide you. So, don’t wait up and contact us for the best web development Services Company in India.