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Three Reasons You Can Not Miss Social Media Marketing

23-Apr-2019 Mehak

Why should you not Ignore Social Media Advertising?

In the world where social media has become like the air we breathe in, there is a business that is still wary of this idea. However, social media have become the fast-paced information distributor that has the ability to connect people globally. Now, replace the word people with business. As a matter of fact, social media have the ability to connect your business to potential prospect with a tap of a finger. It also helps in engaging users to ensure that work is done in a better way with assured ROI in the toe. The Social Media Marketing Services in India observed that companies are not going for the advertisement for social media. They believe that it can be due to the gaps that the internet have managed to close but still, there is something that will take time. But we don’t have time to wait for the things to get settled. The social media advertisement has come to now or never phase. So, here are the reasons that push businesses to opt for social media advertisement.

1.      Reach Maximum of World

Let’s begin with the basic one. Social media is something that is done by everyone. It is no longer shocking to see grandfather scrolling through pictures on social media. As per Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi, everyone is involved in it that will include active users of around 1.50 million per
month. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So, don’t drop the chance to:-

  • Reach around 3000 people in a day.
  • Cover 80% of adult population in a single country that can go up to 85% on the global level.
  • 20% of the time is only for internet for the present generations.
  • Minimum of 15 minutes is invested in social media that goes till 5 hours.
  • In a minute, there are more than 1000 users active.

However, you need to check out the interesting niche of these users.

2. Targeted Advertisement

It is a great chance to reach only targeted audience in the limited frame of time. The organic online publication can do wonder when it comes to business scope or criteria. In addition to this, content has taken a major part of our lives with the involvement of the audience. This is all with the unspecific audience, now think what it can do with people that are actually interested in the content provided by you. There are different forms that are connected with it such as AdWords or Pay per click. It is a drill that is practices in order to work on the brand message as per the understanding of the fan base. Now, with the help of research done by Social Media Marketing Services Delhi, one can easily offer content to a specific audience that is interested in the work as per their behaviour and demographics. It can be in terms of key contributors that have the ability to boost business and enhance ROI.

3. Laser focused

Last reason that will force companies to opt for social media advertising is laser focusing. It has endless data that have interests, behaviour and even demographics of users. As mentioned above, this targeting feature holds a lot of importance when it comes to putting up the desired advertisement. There is no doubt that social media already have a volume of data. In such a case, you cannot show beauty products to a male that might be more interested in gym equipment.

Hence, this can be eliminated by putting essential points in mind such as: behaviours, connections to specific Facebook pages, education, ethnicity, financial status, generation, languages, location, parental status, & work.

The Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi understands the value of these data sets. They explain that this data has the ability to get in touch with more than half of the world. The like button on social media is not only for your interest. But it is considered as the data stored up in the data pool. Even the status that you might be updating on regular basis is stored with them. This whirlpool of data can be the game changer when it comes to interacting with potential customers. It helps in coming up with the interest of users. Even we submit our data willingly while updating or making a new account.

Bigger Picture

If we go as per the total data then there were more than 50% increase in terms of total revenue in just a year with social media advertisement. These points are more than enough to show companies that traditional advertisement is now gone and now is the time to adapt to the new and beneficial promotion techniques. This will also save so many bucks that are invested in television marketing purpose. It is time to be abreast with the trends. So, be here or you will be out of the race in a blink of eyes.