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Mobile App VS Mobile Website-Which One to Choose?

23-Apr-2019 Kajal Rajput

With the increase in the development of the internet, people are slowly bending towards the use of mobile phones. There is no doubt that smartphones have taken over our lives at a tremendous rate. If anything, it is the first and last thing that people like to see. Hence, Web Development Services Company in India has also started to work towards such an approach. Companies are embracing the idea of mobile website or application to the best of their knowledge.

However, when it comes to mobile strategies, there is one question that usually bugs everyone. What is the basic difference between a website and application of a mobile phone & which is going to win the race finally? We being one of the best Web Development Agency in Delhi have gathered the answer for you.

The Difference-

Mobile website and application are similar in the aspect of smartphones or tablets. Apart from this similarity, a website is obviously similar to the one that we are accustomed to the system. It is the HTML pages with the browser-based approach that link the pages with each other. There are responsive websites that are used by the companies in order to get customised as per the platform. They can easily adjust to different layouts as per the screen sizes that make them standardised.

However, the mobile application is a different story. It covers all the mobile-specific features such as location mapping or clicks to call. These types of applications must be downloaded on the mobile phone before installation to use them. On top of that, one requires an internet connection to use these types of applications.

Pros for Mobile Website-

As mentioned above, there are websites that are responsive giving a standardised approach to the whole development of a site. It allows one to work on as per the screen size and get customised automatically. Hence, it is easy to have a mobile version of such a website with no different coding. Here are few pros of Mobile website that are covered by Web Development Company in Delhi:-

1. Cost Effective – It will depend on the complexity of a website that makes it light on pockets. The major point is that an application can run on the browser irrespective of the mobile operating system.

2. Audience Reach – Another factor is the accessibility to the website that makes it easy for us to use it as per the platform. One can easily share it with no limitations. It will also reach maximum people since there is no requirement to download an application to use it.

3. SEO – It is the most important factor that makes people bends towards mobile applications. It helps in keeping the website at the top of Google search without wondering about the optimisation. Hence, in return, it will increase the visibility of a website while gaining traffic.

Pros for Mobile Application-

There are different types of approaches that are used while working on the development of a mobile application. These applications work on different operating systems that make it essential for the developers to work on. In addition to this, the native application helps in adding value to the business with the website. Here are few of the major pros of the mobile applications covered by Web Development Services Delhi:

· CustomisationApplication gives developer a chance to innovate as per convince and work to show their interest. It is even possible to add on the features such as usage behaviour, interests, call, locations, etc. In addition to this, an application can be personalised on user end as well giving them chance to explore.

· Offline Mode – Yes, there are few features that can be covered up by an application in the offline mode. However, there are features that might require internet but one can check on previous data without an internet connection.

· Presence – The best part is that individuals usually don’t look out for browser unless and until they have an unavoidable requirement. Users opt for applications better than a browser that gives a chance or a company to make an impact.

Who won the race?

Now is the deciding factor that usually gives a headache to users. But it is actually easy with Web Development Agency in Delhi. You need to focus on the requirement and objective of your business. It will be beneficial to sort out your trouble to come up with a reliable solution for the company. In addition to this, one can also work on the goals of the mobile-friendly environment that can increase the interaction and engagement of users.

At last, it is a strategy that will matter the most since mobile website and application have their own value in terms of performance and visibility. It must be decided as per the goals and features that are required for the guaranteed ROI with the best approaches.