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Why You Need a Blog to Avail SEO Benefits?

23-Apr-2019 Mehak

If one has been updated with the news about Bill Gates then they might remember him stating ‘content is king’ phrase approximately 20 years ago. It was the time when people didn’t give much importance to Google or even technology. However, after two decades, this one statement has managed to grab everyone’s attention. It has become a major part of the whole structure and industries are developing quality content. There are SEO Services Delhi that works with strategies in order to assure that content is top notch.

Here are the topmost reasons to opt for the content for the marketing in order to increase the visibility of a website:

1.      Back-linking

SEO is a complicated subject already and on top of that Google is of no help at all. In such cases, you need to know the concept of back-linking. People believe that linking is of no good when it comes to Google or SEO. This confuses people and blogger on whether to link the blogs with other or simply leave it.

The SEO Agency in Delhi explains that linking to other or getting linked have such a big benefit for a website. However, you need to make sure that no follow designation is used while linking up the blog. If you fail to do so then be ready to get under the radar of penalty by Google. Another thing to remember is the use of quality yet reputable websites that can help in Google ranking.

2.      Indexed Pages

Next comes the indexing of the web pages. The main reason why search engines work so hard is to ensure that sites are trustworthy and credible. They aim to work for the accurate data that have all the information with no limitation of a bad reference. This can be checked easily with the help of indexing format. It allows an individual to work on the website pages.

Many people believe that reputed and big sites have all the relevant data. But Google begs to differ, this makes them rank small level sites at the top many a times. However, there is an option of indexing available that can be altered with proper work.

3.      Keywords

Well, to be honest, they used to have all the focus when it came to SEO in past. In the present time, it has become the part which can get you penalty as explained by SEO Company in Delhi. Now, we can’t cram keywords in a website without making sense at all. It is the time when every keyword must have a purpose otherwise get ready to go through the penalty system in the whole structure of SEO. Hence, it is essential to choose keywords wisely to ensure visibility.

Now, is the time for long-tail keywords that are taking up a lot of search engine time. We can take it as the phrase as well that is making people bend towards this aspect of SEO. In addition to this, you need to worry about the total times you are putting up keywords instead of cramming it up. This can be a plus point in a blog that will automatically improve the SEO of a website. All you need to make sure is that your blog is making sense and actually giving out information.

4.      Trust

Now, this is the point that you might not be aware of. The users actually go for the blogs instead of checking out what you have to offer. It can be taken up as the trust that a blog has over users mind. It will also help in covering up essential concerns and issues of your target audience.

In order to improve SEO, one can work on the blogs to increase the potential of a product or brand in total. It helps in giving a different image to the audience which will provide a competitive edge to your website.

5.     Visibility

With the help of a blog, one will have a search query on a wider range. It will help the Top SEO Service Company in India to generate content on an easy level. For instance, while searching for a particularly long tail keyword, Google will pick in a blog. Hence, it will work in getting major search results apart from website. There are many potential visitors that opt for blogs instead of moving towards the website. This will only help in attracting audience and increasing the visibility of the website.

Google gives higher priority to social media websites than others. If similar blog or content is shared on the social media sites then it will be at the top while others will be below them. Even the Meta descriptions and titles can also help in working out for the search terms. It will improve the social media listing that will work well in terms of SEO. Hence, you can say that it is a win-win situation.