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Facebook’s Future: Growth, Stories, & Oversight


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that has managed to hook most of the population. There are approximately 2 billion on a monthly basis which is only increasing with time. In the past few years, there has been a hike in the total users of approx. 20%. From companies to enterprises, business to corporate, everyone is getting involved with it on a new level making it more important for the business world. The people are now using this mode of marketing to keep their head in the game and be at the front of this game known for marketing.

Companies are even dependent on digital marketing companies such as India Creatives to get the best social media marketing services to them. It is a way to work in the direction with unique strategies to grab the attention of potential customers. This is changing with the involvement of strategy with respect to time and working mode. It is essential to have such strategies that make customers hook to the whole pool which can be difficult with spot-on working phase.

Here are the ways through which one can achieve the best social media marketing work done.

1.      Business goals oriented strategies

One of the major thing that a company must keep in mind is that it is essential to come up with strategies that can easily cover up the company’s goals. If any of the strategies is not as per the goals then it must be altered in the initial stage only. There is no doubt that Facebook has opened up so many opportunities for us that makes it easy to be overwhelmed or lost. In such a case, it is essential to stay aligned with business goals.

It can be about the brand awareness that can be topmost priority of companies. In order to obtain this, it is essential for them to work with proper engagement on users ending with a high quality post that is taken care of frequently. Other than this, it can be event specific with the profit increase that can lead in the formation of strategies.

2.      Analytics approach

Another famous approach that is used in the field of Facebook marketing. As mentioned above, it can be difficult to work in with the road maps and not get lost. Hence, it is better to work in an analytical form to ensure that there is nothing missed out. It is better to have a proper chart to work in that can be with the post as per the analysis. The main thumb rule that is followed up in this must be with generic rules but a bit uniqueness as per company demand.

There might be cases when extra care is required in which a company has to run as per the demand of the audience. Adaptability is the topmost factor in such a scenario where companies have to manage their time and strategy as per the requirement of customers. It can be via Facebook Ads or even post that can help in the adjustment and proper optimisation of the strategy.

3.      Video Utilisation

With the increase in Facebook users, it has increased the use of video status and post as well. People are preferring total traffic of video more than the picture of gifs. This has also increased the fan following over the year. 90% of users work with video on a better mode than pictures that have gradually increased its performance.

Images are not that reliable now when it comes to that eye-catching factor and audience need some visuals to get better results. The main fact is that no one wants to read the deeper meaning of pictures that shows thousands of words but rather appreciate a video that have the ability to show of lakhs of words in total. Hence, it is taking over the majority of Facebook and other social media platforms.

4.      Marketing Agency

The best tip when it comes to Facebook marketing is to work with an agency that deals in workflow for Facebook strategies. One of the top agency that deals in digital marketing services in Delhi is India Creatives. They are working in the domain for many years in evolving business and taking it to a new level. The agency knows what they are doing and understands the changing concept of the digital world.

India Creatives keeps abreast with altering technology and constantly changing the Facebook world. It is essential to know the features and policies are now implemented in the whole structure making it a whole job. In the world of change, it is essential to be updated with the facts and figures and that is the motto of the company.

These are the main tips that must be kept in mind to be at the top of Facebook marketing.