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Google Updates that Need to be Examined in 2018

23-Apr-2019 Mehak Chhabra

Changes are as good as rest even the giant search engine-GOOGLE keeps on changing and comes out with updated algorithms and ranking factors.


 Also, the digital world is even more resolute and dynamic than ever. To get ahead of your competitors you have to follow the  google’s webmaster guidelines. You can’t dare to ignore the major ranking factors as disregarding these guidelines can be a pain in the neck. 

 To have a look on some of the major google updates and ranking factors will help you improve your online presence. So, let’s have a 

 look here-

 1. Google Hummingbird Update: As the name suggests “Hummingbird” signifies the potential to be precise and fast. The update   focused mainly on the phrase or keyword rather than individual keyword. In detail, hummingbird update scans the entire search query and   aids the pages matching deeper to that particular query or that can serve as more relevant information for the user.

 Google Hummingbird update was the one that brought long tail keywords into existence and gave a reduction to the keyword stuffing up   to  an extent.

  2. Google Penguin Update: Google penguin update was nothing more than an   explosion for the black hat SEOs and webmasters that were using black hat techniques and were buying links in an illegal manner. Also, the PBN Networks and other paid tools that were a common practice of many website owners got a stoppage to some extent. In Pre–Penguin era, the Links   were more than enough to get ranked for a particular keyword or a phrase. After introduction of penguin update, website with   keyword stuffing, spammy links, low quality links and over optimized were thrown were out of the Search Engine Result Pages

 3. Google Panda Update: Google panda got instigated in February 2011, acting as a filter to abolish the sites with poor quality or   duplicate content out of the search queries. Panda update was a threat to the websites using thin or scrapped content. However,   creating  a great content was the key to recover from Google panda penalty. In fact, many webmasters were able to get retrieved from this curse as well.

 4. Google Pigeon Update: Google pigeon update was implemented for the sake of local searches. The update rewarded the local   business with better visibility in local search results.  Google pigeon update was a strict signal that indicated that location was a   dominating factor to get higher rankings in the search engines. It fact, it opened millions of opportunities for the local business to   make a   mark online.

 So, for a successful entrepreneur it is a prerequisite condition to get more fluent and keep a check on latest google updates and     manipulating their Digital marketing Campaigns.