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Local SEO Factors to Master in 2018

23-Apr-2019 Mehak Chhabra

Getting started with a SEO campaign can give you floods of relevant traffic and thus, plays an optimal role in increasing your business sales. But according to google local search engine ranking update. Local SEO citations are one of the essential ranking factors for SERPs.

Google tends to serve the searchers with the best information they are looking. So local citation sends a nice image of that service to the search engines, making local SEO on the priority list of millions of entrepreneurs.  So in order to acquire more business leads for your business get started with a SEO campaign having essential local SEO strategies or if you can go on hiring any reputed SEO agency to do the stuff on your behalf. Here are some of the essential tips to get higher local ranking on the search engines.

1. Create a Google My Business Page:  You definitely have encountered google’s local snack pack while searching for some of the query. The google local snack pack is the list of the top locally verified business or service providers with a clear display of their business hours, phone number, address, reviews and ratings from other customers.

So having your business page is must  for the same. It hardly takes more than 20 minutes to claim a business listing in google maps. However the verification takes place in few steps. Once you are done with signing up for your Google My Business Listing the next step involves the verification of the same. Google sends a postcard with a pin for the confirmation that makes you are ready for your Google My Business listings.

2.  Complete your Profile: Get ready with a 100% complete profile on Google My Business listing page. Provide the fully embellished business description for your business. Remember to add relevant business categories for your business.  Clarify what you provide to the customers, your location and make sure to add a link to your website. It will help to build a feeling of trust in your customers.

3. Boost your On – Site SEO: A website provides a clear picture of your services and products,  Having a website is a mandatory for acquiring more leads from the internet. Have a website with responsive features. Make sure to optimise your title tags, meta description tags and optimize content of your website. If you are promoting your business in a specific location make sure to include the name of the city in the title tags.  Go on find some more LSI keywords and sprinkle those keywords in your content.

4.  Maintain NAP Consistency : NAP stands for name, address and phone number make sure your NAP details are consistent on the web everywhere.  Submitting your business on local directories can be useful in improving local citations for your website. Submit your business to yellow pages provide a precise business description for your business. Make sure your address matches with that of the business on your website.

5.  Get more and more Reviews: Reviews do play an important role in increase your search rankings.Not sure about the fact, but reviews do play an important role in enhancing your brand credibility for your business.Every time a customer visits your store ask them for placing a review on your Google Business Listing and also ask them for giving them star ratings.

A customer before buying a service or a product compares hundreds of business and check for their online reviews and thus, having more reviews and better rating increases the chances of getting more customer visibility.