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Content Marketing Strategy to Escalate Your Website’s Traffic

23-Apr-2019 Rakesh Thakur

Content can be the most destructive weapon in dethroning your competitor’s in the market. Content writing is one of the most crucial strands of internet marketing holding a strict need to be accomplished in precise and detailed manner.

Content Marketing refers to promoting and marketing your content on the internet to get more leads acquisition. To get an upper edge on your competitors in cut-throat competition, content marketing can be a handy tool to survive in the market. So, writing a great content and just hitting the publish button won’t land you with floods of traffic and tons of customer leads and sales. In fact, a great content is just that start of a backbreaking work.

According to the leading Content Marketing strategist, promoting your content is far more important than just writing an awesome content. Writing and promoting content must follow an 80/20 split rule, 80 % promotion and 20 % writing. The ratio is absolutely worth it. Imagine you have a thorough content of 2000 words but hardly any reader or visitor, ultimately that wouldn’t add any value to your business in any aspect.

Content marketing needs to stand on the top of your priority list of your digital marketing campaign. Let’s have a quick glimpse of some of the ways to get more eyeballs to your content.

1. Share your blog post with your subscriber’s: Building an email list is one of the best ways to get tons of traffic to your brand & new blog post. Just build a platform about your latest blog post in the email script and insert a link to your article in the email. It can help you get relevant traffic and can even help in getting some more conversions.

2. Share on Social Media: Over the last few years, Social Media has been an innovative platform to share appealing and attractive content. Sharing your latest post on social media has the potential to get 1000s of readers who in turn can help you to get even more shares.

3. Guest Blogging: With the Google’s news of denying the fact the “Guest Blogging is dead and even far from death”. But, it is still one of the most prominent practices to gain some more authority, unlocks the plethora of opportunities and introduces your blog to a whole new type of audience and thus helps to get some relevant traffic.

4. Make Posting Your Habit: Being a content marketing agency or practitioners, we advise you to be in practice of posting your content at regular intervals. By providing your audience with valuable content that imparts some value to them in some manner will help you in more traffic to your site.

5. Republish on medium and linked In: With the introduction of amazing content republishing platforms such as medium and LinkedIn, content marketing have gone one step forward sharing your content on these platforms imparting a better exposure and increase the chances of getting some natural links from the readers and thus can help you in getting higher rankings in Search Engine Result Pages.

6. Go for the Visual form of content publishing: Visual Content has a long-lasting effect on the visitors and can help in creating a recognised image in the minds of your visitors and customers. You can go for visual content like videos, info-graphics, and the many others.


So, having well implemented content marketing calendar can help you to get more readers for your content and thus can help you get some higher conversions.